Sunny Sunday ramblings and a scrumptious scramble

I hope everyone is having a lovely Eastover weekend, filled with family, friends, food, and fun (Easter + Passover = Eastover. It’s the new spring edition of Chrismukkah). For me, a satisfying Saturday gave way to a sunny Sunday, making this a perfect couple of days. It was also perfectly alliterative…yes, I’m still at it with the S’s! I’m on a roll after sharing Sasha’s story with you yesterday. Anyway, yesterday was sunny but extremely windy, so while my run was in a pretty green Central Park, it wasn’t exactly picture perfect. I literally had to hold on to my hat! This morning’s walk was much more peaceful, though when the wind is crazy it does feel like a bit of an adventure.

NP on Wednesday morning required a headband and gloves...this weekends workout was short sleeves and shorts!

NP on Wednesday morning required a headband and gloves…this weekends workout was short sleeves and shorts!

I did 9 miles at an easy pace, the wind insistent but stopping short of blowing me down. With 5 miles on Tuesday, 6 and change on Wednesday (4 at November Project + 1 and a bit there and back), and 6 on Friday, my grand total mileage for the week was just about 26.2. If only I could make up my mind to commit to that in one day – I’m getting there! For now, I ran against the wind with a smile, and a squint when the leaves and sediment swirled up too close. I especially enjoyed it when the song ‘Saturday Morning’ by Eels came streaming into my headphones. I have an iPod shuffle that I wear while running, since I don’t like carrying my phone, so each song is a surprise. This song fit perfectly with the moment as I headed down the park path near the Great Lawn, and was also a little bit of a throwback, since it was on one of the O.C. albums that I bought for my first iPod at 13 or 14 – meaning, nearly a decade ago, which is just head-spinningly crazy!

When I got home, I decided to whip up a scramble for my post-run breakfast. I had brunch plans with friends around 2, so I didn’t want to refuel to the point of being stuffed. I just needed something to tide me over, and I’d already eaten oatmeal for my pre-run morning snack. I like having smoked salmon on the weekends, because it reminds me of weekend morning breakfasts when I was little.

Back then, I scarfed down cereal or Eggos before school (oh, for the days before my wheat allergy was diagnosed, and all I had to worry about was avoiding almonds and oranges…). But on weekends, my mom would sometimes make us pancakes with maple syrup, chocolate chips, and a delightful topping called Strawberry Piggy Sauce that Stonewall Kitchen discontinued some years ago to our chagrin, because after asking at the company store in Maine, we were told we were the only ones buying it. Other days, my dad would head over to the deli to pick up a dozen bagels to pair with cream cheese and lox. Of course, my bagel days are long behind me, but I still love lox, or smoked salmon, which stayed a crucial part of my diet in college (the Brits enjoy smoked fish just like the Scandinavians and New Yorkers) – and I’m always finding ways to incorporate it into breakfast dishes. Which brings us to yesterday’s smoked salmon scramble, just like the lox ‘n onions scrambled eggs you’ll find at any diner. Make a big batch for an Easter or Passover brunch (sans wrap, it’s kosher for Passover) – or whip up a portion later in the week for a quick and tasty gluten-free breakfast!

Scrambled and ready to wrap

Scrambled and ready to wrap


2 large eggs

2-3 oz smoked salmon (I actually love wild sockeye salmon, which comes in a smoked version, although it’s not technically the traditional “lox” so if you’re a stickler for that, by all means go with your gut!)

2 tsp chopped onion

2 tsp grated Parmesan cheese (trust me!)

1 tsp dill

1/2 cup cucumber slices

Olive oil, butter, or cooking spray

Salt and pepper (to taste)




Bon appetit!

Bon appetit!

1. Beat two eggs with a pinch of dill in a small bowl.

2. Bring a nonstick pan to a medium heat and then to a high simmer. Grease the pan with olive oil (my preference), butter, or cooking spray.

3. Pour egg mixture into pan. As it begins to cook around the edges, sprinkle the Parmesan cheese around the flat circle.

4. Begin to scramble the eggs, using a spatula to slice them if they are fairly cooked through.

5. Once the eggs are scrambled to your taste, toss in small slices of smoked salmon and cook for just a minute more. Don’t overdo it – the smoked salmon is best when it is just lightly seared!

6. Carefully transfer the scramble to a plate. Season with salt, pepper, and extra dill to taste. If you like, stuff your scramble into a gluten-free wrap for a tasty breakfast burrito. A trick is to warm the wrap in the pan with the remaining oil for a minute on each side, so it becomes chewy and wrap-ready.

7. Slice cucumber and arrange alongside.

8. Enjoy!



What’s your favorite childhood Sunday morning breakfast?


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2 thoughts on “Sunny Sunday ramblings and a scrumptious scramble

  1. French Toast was always my favorite breakfast as a kid, but that was until I decided to eat eggs for their nutritional value. Nowadays, I’m a breakfast burrito gal. And luck for me, my hubby makes the best ones this side of the Mississippi. (So he’s been told). I may have to try that Lox Scramble though. That looks tasty.

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