Sunday Run n’ Brunch Fun

At the start

At the start


This morning I woke up to blessedly sunny skies and an absence of snowflakes. Dare I say that spring is finally here? Well, I don’t personally want to jinx it, but my Sunday began with an aptly titled Spring Meltdown 10k in Central Park. In the two weeks since the NYC Half Marathon, I’ve been taking it easy, with just a few 4-5 mile runs each week at a slow pace, because I aggravated some dormant knee and hip injuries during that race. This morning wasn’t much different, as I ran purely to get back in the swing of things (and metaphorically run in the spring). While the air was brisk, running in the sun was a treat.




After the finish

After the finish

My moderate workouts also meant that I missed November Project Wednesdays for a few weeks, so I had a blast this morning knowing that my friend Kaitlin was also running. Even though we just met last month, one of the awesome things about NP is how fast you get to know people (I think it has something to do with the hugs). After the race, we had plans to head out for brunch. I think I speak for both of us when I say that running and refueling with delicious eats is pretty much the epitome of a perfect Sunday morning!



The salad was yummy...

The salad was yummy…


We opted to brunch at Le Pain Quotidien with several other NP’ers and friends. It’s so fun to meet new people who like the same things – and who doesn’t like running and brunching? I opted for the Six-Vegetable Tart, which mixes, you guessed it, six veggies (and tofu) and layers them onto a gluten-free buckwheat crust. The tart came with a small side salad.






Le Pain Six-Vegetable Tart

Le Pain Six-Vegetable Tart

I also had some coffee, and asked for extra gluten-free crackers so I could have the delicious four-berry jam that came with other peoples’ food. While the tart was warm and delicious, it was a pretty small slice! After chatting for ages and walking home in the sunshine, I showered and had a snack before starting the rest of my day. I went for a frozen yogurt bar because it’s finally sunny out! One of the things about morning races is it makes you feel like you have an extra-long Sunday, because you’re up and at it a little earlier than usual. Even though I don’t sleep too late, I tend to lounge around my apartment doing nothing and taking my time to get out the door on weekends.






Post-brunch, pre-study snack


This afternoon, I had to do a little reading for school. I put off some of the boring stuff for later in the week and concentrated on my art and cultural heritage law class, which is just about the coolest law school class you can imagine. It’s all about how the law treats artworks and objects of cultural heritage (like Native American artifacts, or historic monuments) and our professor brings in guest speakers with amazing jobs like hunting down art forgeries for the FBI. What can I say, I’m an art dork!






Perfect for spring snacks

Perfect for spring snacks


But first, I decided to whip up a batch of muffins for the week. I found these adorable little muffin wrappers, and even though these muffins are just for me and don’t need fancy wrappers, I couldn’t resist a test run to keep with the spring-like mood of the day. I love having fun with food. And I can’t sit still and study for more than twenty minutes anyway…why not? 






Just some Peachy Keen muffins

Just some Peachy Keen muffins


What’s your favorite way to spend a Sunday?




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3 thoughts on “Sunday Run n’ Brunch Fun

  1. Running a race and eating delicious food sounds like the perfect Sunday to me! As great as it feels to get extra sleep on the weekends, I agree that I’m so much more productive if I wake up early! So that usually happens instead 🙂


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