February Three-R’s Recap

It’s hard to believe, but March is upon us and spring should be just around the corner! February flew by for me. True, it is the shortest month, but only by a few days. And I feel like I managed to fit a lot into those four weeks, going by my three R’s – running, recipes, and refocusing. (I also achieved my goal of a Frugal February by not buying any new clothes for the month, but it was almost too easy – it’s been so cold, I spend all my time in leggings and fleeces! So I’m tacking another month on to the challenge.)


Donald Duck is the main man for the Half, but I needed a photo with the grand master of the weekend, Mickey!

Winding down from Disney and gearing up for the NYC Half!

Let’s start with running. I don’t run for any particular speed or goal, even when I’m racing (which I didn’t do at all this month unless you count PR Day at November Project – with half marathons in January and March, I figured it was a good idea to take a short race break!) But I managed to run just about 100 miles this month, or 25 miles per week. I’ve been building up to this mileage level for about six months. The last time I was consistently running this much was last May. I injured my hip flexor last June and was out for two months, and even when I finished physical therapy in August the re-entry to running was slow and steady. I can’t believe I’ve made it back to my best running shape, and I’m excited to see what’s in store as I run my second New York City Half Marathon (the anniversary of my first half marathon, and also the two-year anniversary of when I started running!)



A Plate of Pumpkin Puffins

A Plate of Pumpkin Puffins

As for the recipes, I’ve definitely taken advantage of the chill this month to try out all sorts of heart- and hearth-warming treats. I’ve shared Pumpkin Puffins and Dreamy Peanut Butter Cookie Bites with you, excellent for dessert or breakfast or whenever you need a sweet pick-me-up. And of course there are a whole host of dishes from my first dinner party – which, due to the cold weather, became an inspired winter-warming Breakfast-for-Dinner Party! And thus has a menu for any time of day, whether you want to host weekend brunch or a fun evening event – recipes coming this week!



The long and winding road (or run!)

The long and winding road (or run!)

Finally, I’ve taken the time this month to refocus on the important things in life. Even when I’m tired or stressed, I try to keep the big picture in mind. There’s still a lot of world out there to see and experience, and I want to be my best self while I’m doing it! Taking a step back and reflecting on the past in recognition of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week was also very meaningful to me. I’ve already been through the wringer a bit, but there are a lot of people in the world who are still surviving with dark clouds hanging over them, and knowing that motivates me to get out there and try to help. It sounds both naive and cliche, but if I can make even the smallest difference in the life of another human being, I’ll feel like I’ve done some good in this world, and that’s the best goal I can set for myself heading into March.

Happy trails for spring (and let’s hope it arrives soon!)




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