Savory Sweet Potato & Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

I woke up this morning  to a world hit by freezing weather and  firmly entrenched in law school finals season. After my usual run, I was ready for a bowl of breakfast to warm my chilly self and prepare me to attempt a study session. My usual go-to breakfasts are Greek yogurt, gluten-free oatmeal, and eggs with fruit, but since I didn’t need to run to class I was able to take twenty minutes to whip up a breakfast bowl. I love making big bowls – you can throw in whatever ingredients you have on hand and come up with some pretty delicious combinations. As a girl with severe allergies, bowls are a great way to mix it up and use all kinds of gluten-free, nut-free ingredients that often prevent fancy orders when I go out to breakfast or brunch. I couldn’t decide if I was in the mood for sweet or savory, creamy or cheesy – so I went with one of my favorite bodacious breakfast bowls, combining a bit of every flavor! And here it is, the Savory Sweet Potato & Quinoa Breakfast Bowl.



[yumprint-recipe id=’3′] 


Just in case you’re wondering – I eat different versions of my breakfast bowls whether it’s morning, noon or night – I am a big fan of many foods our society deems “for breakfast” and I believe in eating them whenever I please!





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